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The Balkans & North Africa 1941-1942 By Will Fowler-P2P

In this volume Fowler looks at the campaigns in the Balkans – the invasions of Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete and the first year of the German intervention in North Africa, from the arrival of the first German troops in February 1941 up to late October 1942 and the eve of the battle of El Alamein. The book is very well illustrated, with a good selection of maps. Fowler also provides a series of sidebars on the equipment in use, again demonstrating an admirable sense of balance, providing more short pieces on Allied equipment than on German. There is also a nice section on the birth of the SAS and its early missions in the desert.
This book provides a good overview of the fighting in the Balkans and the early generally successful German campaigns in North Africa.

The Balkans & North Africa 1941-1942 By Will Fowler-P2P
English | PDF Reader  |    History     | 16.1 MB
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Hammonds Candies by Mary Corky Treacy Thompson-P2P

In 1920, Carl T. Hammond founded his company with a commitment to quality. He single-handedly developed recipes, sold candy and handled everything else required to run the small operation. Nearly a century after that humble beginning, Hammond’s Candies still clings to that original vision, creating prized confections by hand.
The Mitchell Sweet, first introduced in the 1930s, is still a top seller, and visitors touring the factory can view the original machinery being used in production. Author Corky Thompson traces the history and growth of this family-owned company from 1920 until its sale at the end of the twentieth century and follows its transition under new ownership to the present time.

Hammond’s Candies: History Handmade in Denver by Mary “Corky” Treacy Thompson-P2P
English | ePUB reader  |    History     | 12 MB
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Roman Heavy Cavalry 1 by Andrey Evgenevich & Raffaele DAmato-P2P

From the army of Marc Antony in the 1st century BC, Roman generals hired Oriental heavy armoured cavalry to serve in their military alongside the legions. These troops, both from the northern steppes and the Persian frontiers, continued an ancient tradition of using heavy armour and long lances, and fought in a compact formation for maximum shock effect. They were quite distinct from conventional Roman light cavalry, and they served across the Empire, including in Britain. They became ever more important during the 3rd century wars against Parthia, both to counter their cavalry and to form a mobile strategic reserve.
Displaying these impressive and imposing cavalry units using vivid specially commissioned artwork, this first book in a two part series on Roman Heavy Cavalry examines their use over the Imperial period up to the fall of Western Empire in the 5th century A.D. [Elite 225]

Roman Heavy Cavalry (1): Cataphractarii & Clibanarii by Andrey Evgenevich & Raffaele D’Amato-P2P
English | ePUB Reader  |    History     | 6.6 MB
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The Republic Thunderbolt Mk.I by Phil H Listemann-P2P

A detailed study of the Republic Thunderbolt Mk.I, which was used exclusively by the RAF against the Japanese in the Far East in 1944-1945. With plenty of photographs and first hand material. Includes five colour profiles.

Squadrons! No. 2: The Republic Thunderbolt Mk.I by Phil H Listemann-P2P
English |  ePUB reader  |   Historyk    | 12.5  MB
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The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake-P2P

In 1950s Paris, Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld were friends, the rising stars of the fashion world. But by the late sixties the city was invaded by a new mood of liberation and hedonism, and dominated by intrigue, infidelities, addiction and parties. Each designer created his own mesmerising world, so vivid and seductive that people were drawn to the power, charisma and fame, and it was to make them bitter rivals. The Beautiful Fall is a dazzling exposé of an era and the story of the two men who were its essence and who remain its most singular survivors.

The Beautiful Fall (Fashion, Genius and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris) by Alicia Drake-P2P
English |  MOBI reader  |    History     | 1.3MB
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Family Britain, 1951-1957 by David Kynaston-P2P

As in Austerity Britain, an astonishing array of vivid, intimate and unselfconscious voices drive the narrative. The keen-eyed Nella Last shops assiduously at Barrow Market as austerity and rationing gradually give way to relative abundance; housewife Judy Haines, relishing the detail of suburban life, brings up her children in Chingford; the self-absorbed civil servant Henry St John perfects the art of grumbling. These and many other voices give a rich, unsentimental picture of everyday life in the 1950s. We also encounter well-known figures on the way, such as Doris Lessing (joining and later leaving the Communist Party), John Arlott (sticking up on Any Questions? for the rights of homosexuals) and Tiger’s Roy of the Rovers (making his goal-scoring debut for Melchester).

Family Britain, 1951-1957 (Tales of a New Jerusalem Book 2) by David Kynaston-P2P
English |  ePUB reader  |   Historyk    | 4.8  MB
Download :  –  Upload4earnNTI

Mastering Numbers: Everyday Mathematics Made Simple-P2P

This book is the perfect antidote to number-phobia.

We all use numbers every day, yet many people find them daunting and difficult. Others treat numbers as a practical tool they can handle quite well, while failing to appreciate their most amazing qualities.

Mastering Numbers brings the subject to life, replacing the pressure of the classroom with the wonder of the magician’s workshop. In learning to enjoy numbers, we discover a multitude of practical skills. Never again need you flounder in a business meeting or when making financial decisions.
Full of enjoyable exercises, puzzles and self-testing interludes, this is a book to instruct and give pleasure far beyond your expectations.

Discover how to:
• Take the pain out of dealing with numbers
• Use puzzles and exercises to keep your brain in top condition
• Understand crucial but poorly grasped phenomena such as chance and probability
• Make use of Latin squares and Fibonacci sequences
• Employ handy mental arithmetic shortcuts


Mastering Numbers: Everyday Mathematics Made Simple-P2P
English | December 18th, 2018 | ISBN: 1848992556 | 272 pages | EPUB | 1.52 MB

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